Motherhood Through Instagram: Kari Jensen

'Motherhood Through Instagram' continues today with Kari Jensen @livinglifesmoments, whose shots of her daughter are steeped in femininity, grace and sweetness. She elegantly captures the whimsy of girlhood's quiet moments and inspires us to pay closer attention to the spaces in-between. 


Poopsie Collective: Tell us the story of your journey to this point in life.

Kari Jensen: I was born and raised in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. I grew up in the Twin Cities before heading off to college in southern Minnesota. I happened to meet my husband while working at a popular restaurant/nightclub. We ventured back to the Twin Cities to pursue my graduate degree in Marriage & Family Therapy and have been living in the cities ever since. My husband and I got married after I finished my master’s program and nearly three years later our little miracle was born. I practice full time working with youth & families who struggle with various mental health disabilities. When I am not at work I am busy playing with my little Kaia, working on DIY projects around the house, taking photographs, and chasing daylight, wishing for more hours in the day! I have been blessed with a flexible job that allows me to make my own schedule so that I can be home as much as possible with my daughter, where my heart is the happiest.

PC: Describe your perfect day?

KJ: Awwww to have the perfect day…… Really, as long as my family is happy, healthy, enjoying life, and living life’s moments together, I call any day perfect. My husband works long hours so there are many days we wake up to see that he has left for the day and later followed by saying goodnight & sending kisses over the phone, so just being together is pretty perfect for us. Okay, AND maybe a really long run in the morning just as the sun rises with nothing but awesome music buzzing in my ears would be a great start to a perfect day!  

PC: When did you begin taking photos? What does photography mean to you? Tell us how Instagram has affected your photography?

KJ: I started taking photos and becoming more interested in photography after our daughter was born. She was the subject that made me thirsty to learn more and be more with my camera. I found myself enjoying that feeling of making simple moments into something much more than ‘simple’, even magical. 

Photography means much more to me than I think I care to admit. I started taking photography more seriously after I had my first miscarriage last year. Photography became a source of healing for me, an emotional outlet that nothing else could give me. When behind the camera, I found myself leaving everything aside and thinking of nothing else other than trying to capture life’s sweetest of moments. Photography quickly became a passion that combined emotion, love, and heart all the while telling this timeless story. 

My brother introduced me to Instagram back when it only had 10,000 users. As a way to stay connected with him in San Francisco, I used the friendly App to share intimate moments & milestones of our daily lives.  It wasn’t until I started getting likes and comments from complete strangers that I realized this little App might be something truly special and a community that I would grow to love & respect. I have connected with people in ways I never would have expected & met friends that I would have never met if it was not for this social phenomenon.  And for that I am thankful. Instagram has been a source of inspiration and admiration that has changed the way I see my photos taken from the naive lens of my iPhone. It has empowered creativity and been a space for me to share my own with a supportive network of people.

PC: Who inspires you, either for your work or in your day to day?

KJ: My daughter is my inspiration, my muse. I enjoy featuring the little moments that come to life with a single click. It really is the simple things that inspire me the most; a certain look, smile, a little dance, twirl, or a skip in a step make me gasp and get all giddy inside and make me realize how beautiful those little things make up this big thing called life.

PC: What messages and stories do you hope to covey to your children through your photographs of them? And in your life through the lens of your iPhone?

KJ: I hope Kaia will look back and remember that happiness & love come from the simplest of things. Life can give us curve balls and not be easy to endure sometimes, but taking time to enjoy the small things and embracing the joy and beauty of life’s moments is what this one life is all about. Through my photographs, I hope she will find the treasures of her childhood; from sleepy baby days, to her favorite books and curly hair, her smile & free spirit, her love for bright colors, crayons, music and dance, and her admiration for our little white fluffy pup. I want her to know & remember it all. And how lucky are we to have this amazing device to pull out of our pockets to capture it?  I think it’s pretty awesome.

Thank you, Kari Jensen, for participating on our ‘Motherhood Through Instagram’ series. You inspire us to treasure the tiny moments. 

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